(Haley Speaking) Congratulations!! We are making history together because I am writing and you are reading the very first Black Mountain Blog post. What a time to be alive! But really, we just wanted to write a quick, intro post to give you an idea of what to expect from this page.

Black Mountain was birthed out of the desire to capture and to tell stories that make a difference. We want to use this blog as a tool to do just that. We will share stories of love, life-change, and probably a few funny moments along the way. We will share some of our work (including some throwback posts to shoots that happened before the blog was started). We will take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the amazing people with which we have the pleasure of working.

Our heart is to share stories, to inspire, and to create; however, our ultimate desire is to use this blog and this company as a tool to point every ounce of success and glory to the only One who deserves it, Jesus. We would truly be lost without Him, and it is only by His grace that we have life, and that we have the freedom and ability to chase these dreams in the first place.


Since this is the very first blog, we wanted to take a quick minute to introduce ourselves, just in case we haven't already met. We are all about making new friends!

Photo Credit: The Lovely Kayla Beth Anderson

We are Harrison and Haley Hughes (we enjoy the letter H, obviously)! We live in Nashville, TN. We have been married almost a year, so we are still starry-eyed newlyweds ourselves, just trying to figure out how to not burn dinner and which towels are meant only for display and which ones are actually used for drying off. We have a ton of fun together! Marriage is the best. The little fuzzball is the puppy version of a now big fuzzball, our daughter/mini goldendoodle, Henley Hollywood Hughes. She is the real star of this show. We, along with a few other AMAZING teammates, make up Black Mountain Photography & Cinematography.


Wow, what a stud. My husband, Harrison, founded this company under that name "Harrison's Lens" five years ago (we recently re-branded to Black Mountain for several reasons that we will share in a later post). When I say founded, I mean he was a college student at the University of Mobile who bought a camera and made crazy videos for churches, did some photo shoots, and shot some music videos for friends. Since that time, he has done received a film degree, gotten a great deal of experience, and upgraded his gear a couple of times. Not only is he a photographer, but he is an incredible cinematographer. He is the most passionate, driven, hard-working guy that I know. It has been amazing to watch him pursue his passion and find success in a profession that he loves. I am so proud of him, and my heart swells every time I see him in action, chasing his dreams.

He is HILARIOUS. He has the most excitable personality, and he is the ultimate hype guy (like Buddy the Elf with a camera, but cooler). He loves puppies, Star Wars (like, we have a legitimate light saber at our house) , nerdy camera gear talk, traveling, and Italian food. He loves people really well. He also has an awesome singing voice and plays to tuba like a boss. He is kind, he is patient, and he has a really great beard.


I am Haley! I work with Black Mountain, but I also have a full time job that I love a whole lot. I am a Coordinator with FUGE Camps and LifeWay Christian Resources. FUGE is super significant to me because that is the camp where I came to know Christ for the first time, and it is where Harrison and I met serving on staff together. It is a joy to have the amazing opportunity to work alongside of a team of some of my favorite people to plan camps for students. I had a passion for photography in college, long before Harrison and I ever met. I took some classes at school at the University of Tennessee, but never thought it would become anything serious. This is another cool part of our story, and how the Lord was truly working all of these pieces together years before we would ever be able to see it. As far as Black Mountain goes, I primarily shoot photo. I bring the feminine flair and a little bit of fun sass to a team full of boys.

I love getting to see my family, all things adventure, singing, arranging flowers, cheering on my Tennessee Vols, dancing, painting, and laughing. I get emotionally invested in Netflix series, I have webbed toes, big hair, and I am a not a good cook (hence the previously mentioned burning).

We are excited for what is to come...

Thanks for reading our first blog! We are excited about the future of Black Mountain, and we look forward to sharing future posts! Let us know if we can do anything for you! Much love!      - H + H

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