Journey to the Mountain. Let us capture your adventure.


We are destination wedding photographers and cinematographers based out of beautiful Nashville, TN. We are a married couple that is passionate about love, laughter, and happily ever after - but for real, we adore our couples and weddings are our jam. We also love Jesus, each other, traveling, tacos, and being outdoors. We are devoted doggy parents, chocolate chip cookies are our weakness, and we are way too emotionally invested in This Is Us. We are blessed to share this passion and chase this dream together, while getting to capture incredible couples.

Harrison first began chasing this dream five years ago. We met in 2013 serving with FUGE Camps. In 2014, we started dating and shooting together. We got married in October of 2015 and have been on this crazy, awesome journey together ever since! In 2018, Black Mountain will shoot our 200th wedding, which blows our minds and leaves us feeling grateful beyond words!

We see each and every one of our couples as individuals and want to capture everything that makes their story unique. Our desire is to capture what is real. Our style is not formal or very pose-y. Our goal is to capture real life interactions. We want you to feel comfortable to be yourself in front of our lens, because we want to show the world who you are and what makes your relationship special. The goal is for your personalities to come out in front of the camera. 

Give us all the belly laughs where you throw your head back and can hardly catch your breath. We want to catch the tears welling up in your eyes when you are fully living in the moment with your favorite person on your special day. Let's freeze the way you melt into his arms and the way he smiles when you relax into him. How you chase each other around the house and slap each other on the booty. The way your eyes dance when they tell you how they feel about you. We want it all - the sweet, genuine, soft, quirky, weird, hilarious, unique, playful interactions. Let's make some magic together.  

Harrison + Haley



7 Facts about Harrison, written by Haley. 

1. Wow, what a stud.

2. He has an amazing singing voice and belts Greatest Showman songs on the reg.

3. He loves being outdoors, fly fishing, and getting dirty.

4. He is emotionally involved in Star Wars. He also owns a legitimate Luke Skywalker-approved light saber.

5. Enneagram 7, Myers-Briggs ENFP. Basically, he has an excitable personality and he is the ultimate hype guy (like Buddy the Elf with a camera, but cooler).

6. His videos leave me speechless.

7. He is HILARIOUS. He makes me laugh to the point where I am embarrassingly cackling or silently hitting the table because I can’t breathe.  



7 Facts about Haley, written by Harrison.

1. She is a Knoxville, TN native, so she loves Dolly Parton more than the average person. She will probably edit this to say “Queen Dolly”.

2. Enneagram 7w8, Myers-Briggs ESFP. She can be the life of the party, but girl gets stuff done.

3. I am just happy she still hasn’t realized she is out of my league.

4. She loves decorating, so it’s normal for me to come home to her painting the bathroom gold and ripping cabinets off the wall.

5. She can rap and break it DOWN on the dance floor.  

6. Her family is her world. Asian food is her other world. 

7. I am constantly trying to win her heart, but always competing with 90s country music.